Sense-Immersive art and events that draw upon the deeper currents of life.

Heidi Lamoureux creates intuitively - drawing upon the deeper currents of life and channeling both raw, dark depths and luminous, ethereal beauty into collective arts events, performance, and detailed visual art.

Heidi is inspired by her inner knowing of living ‘One with all’ in the natural world. Weaved into her creations are worlds within worlds. She holds a vision of the greater picture of life, death, and what exists beyond.

Through the alchemy of multiple art modalities and forms, Lumière à Nuit evokes subtle meanings, feelings and connections.

Art in any form is a manner of connecting to one other past our physical boundaries. Music, spoken word, dance, visual art - creative expression provides a looking glass into our souls and an opening to feel what another might feel.

These events and collections are an invitation to embrace innate sensitivity. There is great wisdom, understanding, and healing that can come from taking time to be present to and witness what we are feeling.

Visual Art

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