Sense-Immersive visual and literary pieces that explore contrast and dark & light...

I strive to show beauty in the Shadow - that when we look at, sit with and acknowledge our Shadow self - we can be a more whole being. return to the fullness of Light. This is the path of healing and understanding and ultimately aids in us being able to bear witness to the reality of Shadow in the world outside the self. We start with the self...and when we heal the self - we can reach a place of an open-heart, strength and courage to help in healing our world.


For me, art is visual representation of the Journey of the Soul through symbolism. It is the unseen that each being experiences - transmitted into form for others to see and feel. Art in any form is a manner of connecting to eachother past the physical boundaries of flesh. Beyond spoken words, art provides a looking glass into our souls and a opening to feel what another feels.

My pieces and collections are an invitation to the viewer to embrace their innate sensitivity as a human being. Their is great wisdom and healing that can come from taking time to be present to and witness what we are feeling.