The  Ocean as the depths of the Subconscious

Diving into the elements of the Subconscious Mind – the limitless creative ocean of our Divine Nature.

Water symbolizes a psychological transformation. It represents all that lies below the surface and brings you to the depths of your psyche, self and intuition. This collection explores the mysterious Ocean beings and what they can teach us.


Deep within the Ocean/ Deep within the subconscious

Dwells the creatures unknown/Dwells the thoughts and mysteries unknown

(Angel Keeper of Secrets)

The Octopus is the Keeper of the Mysteries, Keeper of the Secrets of the Deep Ocean.

The octopus with its 8 legs can point us to Numerology #8 representing balance between two worlds and as the symbol of Infinity (Life, Death, Rebirth)

The Ocean is a symbol of our subconscious layers. How will you make your way through the Darkness and Depths of the Shadow Self? The Octopus shows up as a symbol of embracing mystery and delving into the secrets that you keep hidden from yourself.

Go into the depths of your being to find your answers.

48" x 24"

original $1438


limited edition prints available

$355 usd stretched canvas

$290 usd unstretched canvas 

2" bar

'Aurelia Medusa'

Jellyfish swim in the realm of imagination, feelings, dreams, intuition and flow.

They are teachers of letting go and allowing. 

Jellyfish are sensitive and subtle yet protected by their stinging tendrils. 


The Masculine Aspect Medusa

Inner exploration and depth, stillness, guidance, structure, warrior essence



The Feminine Aspect Medusa

~ Captivating ethereal beauty and grace sings my name softly ~

Ethereal captivation, always in flow, dancing, goddess power, serenity, beauty, grace





~ Transformation through the shadow ~



Luminescence Royal Purple - Aurelia Medusa


Royal Purple or Ruby

12" x 24"

limited edition prints available 

$138 usd stretched canvas

$117 usd unstretched canvas

1" bar

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Luminescence Ruby - Aurelia Medusa

“There's nothing wrong with enjoying looking at the surface of the ocean itself, except that when you finally see what goes on underwater,you realize that you've been missing the whole point of the ocean. Staying on the surface all the time is like going to the circus and staring at the outside of the tent.” 
― Dave Barry

Dream Shark

48" x 24"


limited edition prints available

$335 usd stretched canvas

$297 usd unstretched canvas  

1" bar

The Dream Shark – The Great Subconsciousness of Creation

The intricacies of the paths you walk in life may seem unrelated. You follow one which leads to another and another until all threads weave together. Stepping back you see the grand tapestry of your Life – complex, powerful and dynamic.

Within this piece you can find elements of:

- the Organic – the plant and tree spirits of Nature

- the Sun, the Moon and the Stars, the Celestial Plane

- the cogs and industrial space of the Linear mind 

- the structure of the physical plane

- the fluidity and ethereal presence of Spirit

- Animals spirits and helping spirits watching over you


The contemplations of:

The mind slipping and folding – what grasp do we really have on ‘reality’?

When the structure of the physical plane starts to fade – where are we?

Worlds within worlds.

Everything connects and intersects – We are all connected and part of a large very intricate picture of raw Spirit Essence. (The Shark represents raw power in Nature/Spirit)

Within Dreams is where we can receive messages from and be connected to our guides/higher self/intuition/Greater Power source 

the great subconsciousness of creation
Dream Shark

Through Dimensions of Time, Space, Reality I travel.

I am.

I exist through layers of physical form and energetic shatter/matter. I cross boundaries into other realms while dreaming. I am fading from this and becoming that while waking.

Always changing, shifting…

One thing is for certain among the perceived chaos – It all comes together to sing the symphony of life and existence, the Symphony of Oneness.

We are all Creation, We are all Destruction.


As this plane of existences exits and melts into the next, Meet me – Swimming slowly through the Oceans of Dreams, Flowing in and out seamlessly with the Waking Life.

 - Dream Shark


The Squid

Masculine direction and structure working harmoniously with feminine creative flow.

Master of Illusion

Direction – Protection - Mystery


$497 USD

Original 40" x 16" on 2" barred canvas